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  • BGMA is primarily an Acoustical Engineering Consultancy. BGMA is primarily an Acoustical Engineering Consultancy.

Brian Marston - Acoustical Consultant.

My name is Brian Marston and I am the Director & Principal Consultant of BGMA Pty Ltd.

BGMA is primarily an Acoustical Engineering Consultancy. 

Acoustical Engineering is the engineering of sound in all its aspects. We indulge in the measurement of sound, the analysis of sound, interpretation of sound into manageable engineering quantities, interpretation of acoustic requirements, calculation of sound propagation for investigative or predictive purposes, and the modification of sound to meet specific requirements.  At BGMA, we endeavour to utilise the latest technology and advances in technology to provide state-of-the art advice to our clients.

BGMA is also a provider of Authentic Feng Shui advice.

Feng shui is an empirical study of the natural & built environment and the application of common sense design principal to provide a sense of harmony and purpose in design and surroundings to maximise the potential of the individual within that environment.

At BGMA, we attempt to address the many and varied technical, operational & personal requirements of our clients. 

No two projects are precisely the same, and each client has individual requirements.  Solutions should be practical & feasible.

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