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BGMA uses the latest technology to ensure that our clients are provided with professional services appropriate their needs. 

Over the years, our personnel have worked on a wide variety of projects. I could try to impress by filling pages & pages with lists of clients. 

Personally, I find such lists to be of little use to potential clients. The majority of listed company names would have little, if any, meaning to most potential clients and a list of names gives little, if any, indication of the work that was actually performed each.

Personnel from BGMA have carried out Acoustical Engineering in most states in Australia plus some work overseas.

These projects have included work on a silica refinery in Western Australia, a calcium carbide factory in Victoria, steel mills in Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney & Brisbane, rolling mills in rural NSW, oil refineries in Victoria & NSW, power stations in Queensland & NSW, and even an exploratory oil drilling rig in the highlands of New Guinea, to name but a few.

In the mining industry, I have carried out acoustic projects in underground gold mines at Cobar & Parkes, open cut coal mines in the Hunter Valley, underground coal mines in the Illawarra & Lake Macquarie Coal Basins, and well as work on gravel quarries, clay mines and land fill sites.

In the general industrial areas, I have carried out for projects for clients as diverse as soft drink manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, grain suppliers, biscuit makers, chicken processors, bottle manufacturers and dog food processors.

In the residential acoustics area, I have prepared Aircraft, Railway & Road Traffic Noise Intrusion reports for large developers, small developers, architects, builders & private individuals.

In the specialist area of religious sites, I have carried out projects on a variety of different 'places of worship' including churches, temples & mosques. These projects have involved of the Catholics, Maronites, Apostolics, Buddhist, Muslims & Hindus faiths. Each religious group has requirements that are specific to their faith. These requirements included acoustic requirements specific to that faith.

In the entertainment area, I have undertaken work in the Sydney Opera House, in local community halls, at rock concerts, and even noise surveys under the 'big top'. 

In the world of acoustical engineering, 'Noise is Noise is Noise'.  There is a source of sound, one pathway or many, and a receiver of that sound.  It can analysed, characterised, and if need be, modified.

No client should feel that their acoustic requirements are too trivial, unusual or strange, or that their project is too large or too small.

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