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Feng Shui

Why Feng Shui?

Why not Feng Shui.  Feng Sui has been a window into the thinking and beliefs of one of the oldest cultures on Earth. Feng shui is a body of practical knowledge accumulated over 4000 years.  In cultures around the world, there is a recognised connectiveness between the individual and the environment. Feng Shui utilises observations and practices related to this connectiveness to provide a formal structure recognising this connectiveness.

Why does Feng Shui work?

If I say that I know precisely how it works I would be telling a liar.  I have applied the principals of Feng Shui on many projects.  Many of my clients return later with stories of improved health, increased wealth and improved relationships.  In part it may be psychology, in part it may be organisation, in part it may be tendencies & factors as yet unrecognised by western learning and traditions.  The bottom line is that it appears to work. 

What does Feng Shui involve?

Feng Shui involves alignment, arrangement and harmony with one's surroundings, to maximise the potential of a site, its history, its location, and its orientation.

Authentic Feng Shui is easily recognised by the close attention to the site, to the individual, and to the purpose of the consultation. 

The first step is always the use of an accurate compass to obtain alignment information.  Without this first step, the Feng Shui consultation is not genuine Feng Shui - only a poor imitation of the real thing.

For an existing building, an initial set of on-site compass readings should be done, preferably by someone trained in the use of a Lou Pan compass.  Compass readings will vary significantly even over a small area due to the building construction.

For proposed buildings, site plans with accurate recordings of magnetic north may be all that is necessary.  The buildings and external layout can then be orientated to the site plans.

Based on the history of the building, the lay of the building, and the compass data, an "energy map" is produced. This ties in with the geography of the area and surrounding influences.  Architectural plans of the site and building are essential for the next step.  Preferably, these will be current architectural plans, but they can also be prepared based on a site visit. 

The recommendations flow from the above analysis, combined with information on those who will be occupying the site.  From the occupants, I need date and place of birth and whether the individuals are male or female.

Recommendations may include appropriate colour schemes, choice of room usage, room layout, furniture placement & orientations, as well as more traditional enhancers or suppressors.  In more extreme situations, structural modifications to the building may be suggested. 

Feng Shui Projects

Feng Shui recommendation will vary from person to person and from situation to situation.  I have dealt with situations where the solution was as simple as the replacement of a light bulb and a 'space clearing' ceremony to mark a new chapter in the life of the person and the home. I have also dealt with situations where the most practical solution was to leave the building and seek more suitable accommodation. This is an extremely rare occureance.

Feng Shui is routinely used for individual residences, apartments, industrial and commercial premises for site selection, for pre-purchase audits, for fine-tuning individual rooms, homes and businesses.  In apartments, it is also essential to know the floor level of the apartment. 

Feng Shui solutions do not need to involve be extreme changes.  Often, even very subtle changes have a tremendous impact. It is not usually necessary to alter the look of the residence or the structure of the building.

Feng Shui solutions can be tailored to the decor and cultural influences of the occupants.

What You Get from a Consultation?

What you get is a written report detailing the influences on the site or residence, and a set of written recommendation for the site as a whole, and for the individuals occupying that site.

Please contact me to discuss you Feng Shui requirements, be they residential, commercial, or even industrial.

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