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BGMA Pty Ltd has taken the quantum leap into full digital purpose-built acoustic measurement and analysis.  Our office 'workhorse' is the 01dB-stell 'Symphonie" acoustic acquisition and analysis system.  This system fulfils all of the requirements of a Precision Type 1 Sound Level Meter and frequency analyser, and much more.

The 01dB-stell 'Symphonie' provides:

  • Octave-Band or One-Third Octave Band, & FFT narrow band analysis.
  • Simultaneous measurements of all frequencies over the same period with reliable hard drive storage.
  • Simultaneous two-channel recording - acoustic-acoustic or acoustic-vibration.
  • The ability detailed post-processing of data without loss of information.
  • Statistical & energy average analysis of varying sounds
  • Separates of steady background from extraneous intermittent sounds.
  • Measurement & analysis of STC, Rw, IIC and more to the relevant ISO standards

The 01dB-stell 'Symphonie' is a fully portable stand alone measurement & analysis package that has already proven itself many times over in the field.

This is an instrument that allows on-site or office post processing with real time analysis capabilities. 

In the area of building acoustics, when used in conjunction with a sound system and our Norsonics Tapping Machine, this instrumentation can quickly and easily provide measurement the following acoustic measures:

  • IIC (Impact Isolation Class)
  • STC (Sound Transmission Class)
  • Rw (Weighted Sound Reduction Index)
  • Rw + Ctr (Rw with spectral adaption term)
  • Dn,w (weighted  normalised level difference)

BGMA aims to provide clients with a comprehensive and thorough service in all aspects of acoustical engineering.  Our use of advanced technology allows complete flexibility in serving our clients needs no matter where they are, who they are, or how unusual their noise problem may be.


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